Kiai Taichi - Dance with the Stream of Being

Kiai Taichi is an essential practice in which the methods of development of consciousness and power are concentrated at all levels of human existence. It reflects the principles of Matter through the positions and movements of the Five Elements of Usin, as well as the principles of Consciousness through actions of the 8 Bagua Trigrams. When Matter and Consciousness act in Unity connecting through the Dantien Power Centers, the Will manifests itself - the control of Matter and Consciousness with the manifestation of integrated physical and spiritual strength beyond the limits of Taichi. The vibration of Will expressed in sound is Kiai, which multiplies the Force (Energy), transforms the Form (Matter) and expresses the Spirit (Consciousness).

Kiai Taichi is an expression of our perfect nature through the spontaneous creation of the unity of Matter, Consciousness and Energy, in accordance with the Laws of Life and Nature.

The practice of Kiai Taichi consists in consistent and systematic self-examination and self-disclosure of one’s own potential and full mastery of one’s own body at the physical, emotional, mental, causal and essential levels of being through movement, breathing, sounding on the internal level and interaction with the partner on the external level, relying on knowledge of the forces and laws of Nature and Life.

The practice of Kiai Taichi is the highest art, combining dance, dynamic meditation and martial arts.

Physical Consciousness and Energy are studied and improved through movements associated with Lower Dantien - whose center is in the projection from the place of 4 fingers below the navel. This is the area of ​​the pelvis, hip and shoulder joints, heels. The movements are amplitude and smooth, with gradual synchronization and coordination of all these centers of the body. Displacements consist of three phases of movement for each of the Elements, each of which contains three changes. Characteristic is a smooth unidirectional flow of weight and the use of gravity manifestations of force. Particular attention is paid to opening and closing armpits and Kwa (pelvic creese). Breathing requires deep and slow. Practice should lead to the appearance of physical strength, health and the development of sensations. Eliminates problems in the sacrum and in the pelvic area. Shoulders and hips, bones are strengthened, the genitourinary system is healed. This is the most basic form of movement.

The next step in mastering the practice of Kiai Tai Chi is Emotional Consciousness and Energy, which are associated with the Solar Plexus and stomach approximately level 3 of the lumbar vertebra. All movements of the previous level are preserved, but movements are added in the elbow and knee joints, as well as the mid-torso region - the solar plexus. Brushes make circular movements. At this stage, all movements are coordinated with various phases of respiration and diaphragm movements. Movements are made at the usual speed, follow and obey the rhythms of breathing. Breathing controls the speed and rhythm of movement. Weight is transferred with internal swings and pumping from side to side, depending on the transition phase, the number of steps increases and each movement is doubled by adding movements in the knee and elbow joints with pronounced articulation in the elbow joints - “opening” and “closing”, “ compression ”and“ expansion ”. Practice should lead to emotional stability and management of feelings, the ability to quickly relax and switch feelings and increase the level of strength when interacting with a partner. Eliminates problems with the spine, diaphragm, knee and elbow joints, digestion and liver. The breathing deepens and improves, the sensitivity of perception increases, emotions are ennobled.

At the next stage of the development of Kiai Taichi, Mental Consciousness and Energy are activated, which are associated with movements in the wrists, ankles and chest, as well as with the base of the neck. The hands make the movements in the form of an eight, the movements of the feet are assigned to them. The movements of the Mental level follow and rely on the movements of the Physical and Emotional level, and also include sound in accordance with the Elements and directions in space. Breathing becomes complicated and becomes multiple. Weight is transferred by oscillatory movements depending on the phase of movement and can repeatedly move from side to side during one transition inside the movements of one Element. Attention covers all centers of movement and coordinates all directions, rhythms and force vectors. Particular attention is paid to the "opening" and "closing" of the wrists and the direction of the palm. Practice should lead to the development of attention, plasticity and dynamism of thinking, the ability to enable, disable and switch thinking and increase the level of strength and speed of movements. The problems of the wrists, ankles, chest are eliminated, the lungs and heart are strengthened, the strength and speed of breathing, the determination and practicality of thinking are increased.

The last step in mastering the motor and externally manifested side of Kiai Taichi is to master the Causal and Essential levels of Consciousness and Energy. For this, the movements of the fingers and toes, the head and the vibrational movements of the torso and movements are included. The fingers make movements in the form of multi-dimensional changing eights, relying on the movements of the three previous levels and ending with vibrational jitter at the end of each complete or intermediate phase. Unlike the previous level of movement, there is a pulsation of maximum concentration and the complete release of any control of body movement and respiration. Consciousness fully embraces both the entire extent and sharply dwells in every moment in a state of instant presence in a pure perception of what is happening and free dance in a continuous stream of unity and harmonization with everything that is happening, active and passive, close and distant, acting and perceiving and is in complete fusion with the Will, realizing this state of Consciousness through the action of a conscious Force, with the streamlined Being. At the moment of movement at this level, there is a sensation of the disappearance of the physical body and there remains only a sense of movement of pure Consciousness of sparkling energy expressing the state of all the thin shells of our being, filled with vibration of naturally born sound and ecstatic experience of the bliss of Oneness with the Stream of Being, the fullness of the Divine Omnipresence of our Original Being in all the fullness of its infinite potential.


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