Sound Healing Methodology and Sound Pharmacy recipes

Reality has three equal, interconnected and interdependent aspects of existence: matter, consciousness and energy. None of the three aspects can exist without the other two. Any matter has consciousness, any consciousness relies on matter. Matter is in motion, which is the energetic aspect. The energy level corresponds to the state and subtleties of the matter, which, in turn, corresponds to the level of consciousness development.

Matter and consciousness are like two sides of the same coin. They represent the objective and subjective side of reality. Matter has mass and shape, consciousness determines the spatial structure and programmed content of matter, energy determines time as the rate of change of matter and the level of force.

Nature is minimalistic and economical. It uses a minimum of raw materials for maximum results. For example, all living parts of nature on Earth have the same genetic material, defined by four nucleotides (Adenine, Guanine, Cytosine and Thymine in DNA, Uracil replacing Thymine in RNA, where all genetic programs are stored). The nucleotides themselves are made up of 5 main components: Carbon, Hydrogen, Oxygen, Nitrogen and Phosphorus.

When combined in three, nucleotides form 20 amino acids. All types of proteins are formed from these amino acids, but they perform five main functions: the formation of material structures, enzymes - ferments - catalysts (process accelerators), couriers - transport, hormones - signals to trigger an action, receptors - receivers and transmitters of signals.

Traditional Medicine has retained the essential knowledge of such economy, reflecting the wisdom and efficiency of nature. In TTM (Traditional Tibetan Medicine) and TIM (Traditional Indian Medicine - Ayurveda), all phenomena are classified and systematized on the basis of 5 Primary Elements: Ether, Air, Fire, Water and Earth.

In TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine), as well as in TTM (in the section of Pulse Diagnostics and in Astrology), systematization and classification is carried out in accordance with 5 Elements: Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water. These two classifications describe one Reality, but from different angles, just as there is medicine, which deals with physical and mental health, object and subject.

From the point of view of the aspects of Reality, the 5 Primary Elements deal with phenomena from the more subtle side - the aspect of Consciousness, and the 5 Elements from the coarser side - the side of Matter. These two systems are equivalent, but they do not coincide and do not reduce to one another. For example, if we take the correspondence of 5 Elements (TCM) and 5 Primary elements (TTM and Ayurveda) with Vital Organs, then we get the following.

5 Elements: Wood - Liver, Gall Bladder; Fire - Heart, Small Intestine; Earth - Stomach, Spleen / Pancreas; Metal - Lungs, Large Intestine; Water - Kidneys, Bladder. 5 Primary Elements: Ether (Space) - Heart, Small Intestine; Air - Lungs, Large Intestine; Fire - Liver, Gallbladder; Water - Kidneys, Bladder; Earth - Stomach Spleen.

Studying the classification of the sounds of the voice according to the Elements and Primary Elements, I also encountered the fact that the position of the sources of the sounds of the Elements and Primary Elements is shifted. At the same time, the places of formation of sounds are the same, their purpose changes depending on the system of considering these sounds - 5 Elements or 5 Primary Elements. In TTM, both systems are used, but the 5 Primary Elements are considered more “subtle” energies, and the 5 Elements are considered more “coarse”.

Hence we can conclude that the 5 Elements refer to the aspect of Matter - as a "coarser" aspect of Reality, and the 5 Primary Elements to the aspect of Consciousness - as a more "subtle" aspect of Reality. It is no coincidence that in Buddhist practices 5 Primary Elements are used to purify and develop Consciousness, and 5 Elements that are more characteristic of Taoist practices are, by definition, “blind” - unconscious forces. Therefore, in the Matrix of Sound of Kiai Jitsu there are two methods of using the sounds of the alphabet: Method of 5 Elements and Method of 5 Primary Elements. The Method of 5 Elements is based on the impact on the object - Matter, and the Method of 5 Primary Elements on the impact on the subject - Consciousness.

Sounds, being an active vibration, reflect the third aspect of Reality - Energy. In other words, a change in Matter entails a change in Consciousness, and a change in Consciousness entails a change in Matter. This is similar to how a change in objective external conditions and circumstances affects the internal state of the subject - a person, and a change in the internal state of the subject leads to the possibility of active influence on the external environment.

The causes of illness can be both objective conditions - weather, nutrition, lifestyle, and subjective conditions - emotional and mental states, the presence of conditions for spiritual development, the quality of relationships, the level of education and culture. For example, Liver diseases can arise both from poor nutrition (objective factor) and from external emotional stimuli that provoke anger (subjective factor).

A physical disorder sets the stage for mental disorders, a mental disorder disrupts physical functions and vice versa. The restoration of health must first of all address the cause. Therefore, if the reason is psychosomatic, one should act through the Subject - the aspect of Consciousness, applying the Method of 5 Primary Elements. If the cause is more physical, the 5 Elements Method should be used.

It can be assumed that there are no “purely” physical or mental reasons, as they are closely related and interdependent. A liver weakened by poor nutrition makes a person more hot-tempered, and a bad mood is often seized by the corresponding bad food. Nevertheless, even with good nutrition, but bad irritating relationships, the liver is likely to suffer sooner or later.

Conversely, with a good, non-irritating relationship, but frankly not a healthy diet that overloads the Liver, it will be prone to disorders and diseases. But in one case it is necessary to regulate nutrition, in the second - to learn how to control and cleanse emotional pollution.

Recuperation and healing requires harmonization of both the object and the subject. To influence the aspect of Matter, that is, if there is a need to address a physical disorder of the body, in the SP (Sound Pharmacy) there are Sound Wave codes, built on the identification of the sounds of the 5 Elements. Each of the 5 Elements has its own place of sound formation and a set of consonant sounds, and a certain vowel sound corresponds to each necessary action. The action is selected based on the diagnosis of the state of the 5 Elements (for example, using Wave Graph Analysis using the Qi LifeTracker program).

There are three main Vectors of Action for regulating the 5 Elements: Qualitative, Quantitative and Temporal. Qualitative balances the level of Activity and addresses the syndromes of Heat (Hyperactivity) and Cold (Hypoactivity). With Heat, it is necessary to cool or, in other words, passivize the Element, with Cold it is necessary to warm or activate the Element. Quantitative balances the Energy level and addresses the syndromes of Excess and Insufficiency. With Excess, it is necessary to dissipate, subtract, in case of Insufficiency - to replenish, strengthen the Element.

Temporal determines the stage of the disease - External (initial) or Internal (progressive) Syndrome, as well as its Stage - Acute or Chronic. With the External Syndrome, as with the Acute Stage, the disease should be localized, neutralized and pacified, with the Internal Syndrome and the Chronic Stage - first extract, then neutralize and expel the disease.

When choosing a treatment strategy, first of all, it is necessary to determine and apply the Time Vector of Action, which determines the strategy of treatment, then Qualitative, especially in the case of intense Fever (inflammation, high temperature), which determines the tactics of treatment, and after that - the Quantitative Vector aimed at dispersal (for a strong and a relatively healthy organism), redistribution (in the presence of an imbalance between the Elements) or restoration of energy (for a weakened organism).

In order to influence the aspect of Consciousness, that is, if there is a need and need to address the mental state, there are Sound codes in Sound Pharmacy, built on the identification of the sounds of 5 Primary Elements. Similarly to the 5 Elements, each Primary Element has a sound formation of consonants, allowing you to choose a target for action (for example, Channels - Primary Element Space for Liver or Blood - Primary Element Water for Liver).

From the point of view of action, not 6 vowels are used, as in the case of 5 Elements, but 16 vowels. Each vowel has its own power, its own specific action, described in detail in the Sound Matrix of Kiai Jitsu. But in this case, all 16 vowel sounds are used in order to open and activate all possible aspects of Consciousness associated with the corresponding level of being, which is reflected in the state of the object of influence regulated by sounds.


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