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Many years ago - at least 33, I formulated for myself the task of creating vibrational medicine, where healing occurs due to the energy (wave) effect on water or directly on the human body. Then I did not know how exactly, but today there is already a working model based on the use of voice sound.

All these years I have studied various aspects of Traditional Chinese and Tibetan Medicine, qigong, yoga, internal martial arts. Today I also study the physiology and pathology of the body, including the cellular level and the genetic mechanisms for controlling its condition.

In parallel, I have researched and studied a variety of methods of sound healing, especially those associated with the use of voice. As a result, the Sound Pharmacy and Sound Formulation appeared, based on the achieved understanding of the functions and properties of the letters of the alphabet on the one hand, as well as the diagnosis of the state of the body in accordance with the principles of Eastern Medicine.

The role of sound in the regulation of the organism has yet to be scientifically investigated and substantiated, while there are only hypotheses based on an understanding of the vital processes of the organism and an assessment of its state associated with it. But the practical results from the effects of Sounds are interesting and encouraging.

Voice sounds are related to our internal state and are biologically compatible for our body, in contrast to external sound instruments - musical or otherwise.

For the effective use of sounds, a unified system of knowledge is needed, linking and coordinating the qualities and functions of sound with the properties and characteristics of various structures and functional systems of the body. Such a connecting link is 5 Elements and 5 Primary Elements.

In the diagnosis of TEM (Traditional Eastern Medicine) there is a detailed system of correspondences between these Elements and the Primary Elements, and the parts and functional systems of the body. During many years of research on the effect of sound impacts, a specific system of correspondences between various letters and 5 Elements and 5 Primary Elements was developed. On the basis of this sound matrix, a system of methods has been developed using these sounds to correct the condition in accordance with diagnostics.

Taking into account the universality of the processes of natural phenomena expressed in the human body, as well as relying on the possibility of identifying syndromes and symptoms of imbalance and harmony of the 5 Elements and 5 Primary Elements, sound formulations have been created for a targeted effect on the system in need of help.

5 Elements reflect the dynamics (energy side), and 5 Primary Elements - localization of disturbances. At the same time, there is a ready-made matrix consisting of correspondences of consonants of any of the Elements and Primary Elements. The sounds of the Elements are formed in certain places of the vocal apparatus and differ in location, while the sounds of the Primary Elements differ in the nature of sound production. Thus, consonant sounds play the role of delivering directional effects to the desired Elements and Primary Elements, and vowel sounds are used to carry out the required action. Thus, we get syllables that are capable of performing the desired action in the right place.

The choice of letters is based on the identified imbalance of the Elements. The Elements can be disturbed individually or together. However, they can be in a state of Insufficiency or Excess energy. Insufficiency can lead to a weakening of both physiological function and overstrain of the vital organs, and Excessiveness can lead to stagnation of energy and stasisof blood or to the invasion of the functions of other Elements. On the other hand, the Elements can be in a state of Heat or Cold, that is, excessive activity or passivity.

An important parameter is also the location of the imbalance, which may be associated with the stage of the disease or disorder of a particular Element or their combinations. That is, the disease can be local or combined, systemic, multiple. This defines External Syndrome and Internal Syndrome. The external one is usually associated with the acute stage of the disease, or with an exacerbation of the chronic, and the internal one - with the chronic stage of the disease or the invasion of the disease inside at the acute stage.

In accordance with the definition of the Syndrome of Insufficiency or Excess, Heat or Cold, External or Internal Location and Acute or Chronic stage of one or another Element or Elements, sound recipes can be used that act to counteract and regulate. For example, there are sounds for dissipating Excess and replenishing Insufficiency, for cooling when there is Heat condition (passivation) and heating when there is Cold condition (activation). Then, there are sounds to neutralize the inflammation or imbalance in the Acute stage of the disease, or to extract and eliminate the disturbances in the Chronic stage.

There are also sounds for general harmonization of the state. Thus, there are 35 prescriptions for influencing any of their 5 Elements with 7 different types of action. The 5 Primary Elements of each Element are applied in a complex and simultaneously, providing a holistic effect.

In addition to the choice of consonants and vowels that form syllables, there are also melodic patterns that enhance the desired effect of vowel sounds. They also play the role of dissipation, replenishment, activation and passivation, etc.

If there is a possibility of detailing the place of violation in Element, then there is an opportunity to narrow the set of sounds for a more accurate and targeted effect of sound vibrations. This increases the number of sound programs by 5 times, in accordance with the number of Primary Elements in each Element, that is, 175 in total. This can be the next step to reduce the exposure time and increase the effect due to a more accurate choice of letters required for regulation. These recipes can be used alone or in combination with previous complex compositions. Together, these are 210 sound recipes.

In addition to the direct regulation of the body with the help of sound waves in case of disturbances in the functioning of the body, there are also programs designed to prevent diseases of each of the 5 Elements, as well as aimed at restoring the Balance and raising the level of energy. For this, respectively, there are 7 sound programs - recipes. These are complex compositions, consisting of 12 steps for the implementation of a whole complex of influences for each of the 5 Elements separately and simultaneously (additional two programs - "Balance" and "Strength". In the last mentioned programs, all 5 Elements participate together, but in different sequences in accordance with the task. If there is disharmony, imbalance between the Elements - the sequence "Balance" is applied, which can always be applied in all cases. If the task is to raise energy - "Strength", where the sequence of the Creative Cycle of 5 Elements is applied. But it is better to apply "Balance" before that.

If the task is to restore the body or regenerate at the level of the Primary Elements, additional programs are used to reverse the decay processes. These programs play the role of stabilizing healing, slowing down the aging process, and can even be aimed at rejuvenating the body. However, this requires an appropriate level of knowledge.

Sound programs have two main delivery methods. The first is through the CNS (Central Nervous System) by listening in the usual way - by sending sounds through headphones directly to the ears and causing the body to react through the nervous system, which in turn includes the programs necessary for self-healing. This method allows you to deliver sound recipes directly to your phone and does not require additional costs for purchasing special devices. This makes it possible to participate in the healing process with sounds, for example, synchronously repeating audible sounds aloud with your own voice. The participation of Consciousness in listening to sound is also important. But this requires the allocation of special time for the sound procedure.

The second, through the blood, directs sounds into the body through sound emitters in the form of various harnesses, including a sound belt with BlueTooth headphones. Such a belt can be worn and work in the background without being distracted by sounds. It is enough to download the desired program of Sound Pharmacy and it will deliver sounds to the blood or biologically active points of the body. Sound vibrations affect primarily the blood, which is then delivered to all parts of the body. Such an effect can be both local - if it is required to heal the tissues or joints of the musculoskeletal system or activate an energy channel or an internal organ, or general action. For general action, a sound belt is sufficient, for local action there are special cuffs, for example, in the form of a knee cuff, etc. Such devices require manufacturing and therefore add costs to the acquisition of a sound self-healing system, but have the advantage that there is no need to allocate time and focus during sound wave exposure.

A Sound Pharmacy consists of files containing recordings of sounds emitted by a master (in this case, issued personally by the Grand Master Kiaido) in accordance with the Sound Recipe used for its intended purpose. The sounds must carry the accuracy of sounding, developed over the years of study and practice, the power accumulated over the years of practice and carry the flow of Consciousness, possessing knowledge of the 5 Elements and an accurate understanding of the effect of sounds at each imbalance identified by the diagnosis of the state of the 5 Elements. Therefore, a simple repetition of sounds in the absence of knowledge and development of sounds will not create a recording capable of effective impact. These sound files are copyrighted and of course must not be transmitted or distributed.

To diagnose the condition, the pulse diagnostics method can be used, implemented in a simplified and accessible form in the QiLifeTracker mobile application, which allows, in conjunction with the sensor, to receive data on the state of Excess and Insufficiency of the 5 Elements. For more accurate diagnostics, there are deeper and more detailed views of the Pulse Analysis System that are currently in development. They will allow you to analyze the QiLifeTracker data and obtain the parameters of Heat-Cold and External-Internal Syndrome. But if you have a ready-made diagnosis and knowledge of your condition, you can use the Sound Pharmacy without pulse diagnostics. For more serious health problems, though, it is best to seek personal advice to specialize Sonic Recipes.

May Sound Pharmacy help heal all mild and difficult diseases and bring happiness and prosperity to all who use it!

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