LifeTracker Pulse Diagnostics - Simple and Affordable

Pulse Diagnostics is a great art that we inherited from the ancient sages. Even relatively recently, more than 20 years of training with a master was required. Today, not the very skill of pulse diagnostics, but its fruits become available to almost everyone who is interested in managing and maintaining their own health. More than 30 years ago, together with my partners, I invented computerized pulse diagnostics (US Patent 1995), which made it possible to "see" the pulse and analyze it using the achievements of science and technology. Then there was a period of close cooperation with the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences based on the development of diagnostic methods based on this invention.

After that, for many years I immersed myself in deep research and study of traditional methods of therapy and healing, as well as spiritual ways and methods of self-development and disclosure of personal potential. My main partner in the invention - Vladimir Goltsov - in the world of the most modern scientific methods and technologies related to the analysis of wave processes. Not so long ago, we again created a team for the joint development of diagnostic and treatment methods based on traditional methods of medicine, originating in ancient times, on the one hand, and ultra-modern capabilities, as well as scientific and technological advances. By this time, my colleague, V. Goltsov, had already developed unique and accurate methods for analyzing the pulse wave, which made it possible to simplify the collection and registration of the pulse wave, as well as to determine the energy state of all 5 Elements of a single flow of vital energy Qi, and his son, Vladimir Goltsov Junior, created a mobile application "LifeTracker", delivering the pulse right into the hands of everyone who wants to look into the very secret of their own life processes in a direct, accessible and understandable form, regardless of the level of education and training.

Of course, over almost 30 years of development, a whole system of different levels of diagnostic methods and conclusions, on the one hand, and a whole complex of methods for the regulation of health, on the other, have been created. And there are many plans, goals and objectives that we set for our team. But for now, the first step is to provide express diagnostics capabilities in the form of a simple sensor and a mobile application. Facebook group "QiHacks by LifeTracks"  was created for informational support and communication between users and those interested. You can order the device and an annual subscription to the application on the website or by writing to us for more complete information and support: In addition, there is a theoretical course "Introduction to Theory and Diagnostics of the 5 Elements", which will introduce you to the basics of TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) and help you understand the meaning of the 5 Elements, as well as a practical course "Harmony of the 5 Elements", which will equip you with simple methods for restoring balance and balance of the 5 Elements in your body and mind.


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