Maintaining health requires constant attention and available feedback. Most modern methods of Western medicine reveal diseases at the stage of significant physiological and organic changes. Given the multiplicity of diagnostic procedures used to identify an individual disease, as well as the list of 12 thousand diseases officially adopted by WHO, early detection of diseases becomes almost impossible due to the high cost, time consuming and lack of highly qualified personnel. But even with an established diagnosis, in order to choose the right treatment, and especially to make adjustments to it, it becomes an impossible task at all. Even with a relatively healthy lifestyle and proper nutrition, external and internal factors such as climate, mood, stress, etc., can intervene, which can gradually throw the body out of equillibrium and balance. Late diagnosis can lead to high costs for treatment and recovery. For a full recovery, feedback on the methods of treatment and recovery, given the complexity of the causes and conditions, it is also necessary to know, what is then cause the disease and what worsen the condition.

Today, to maintain health, it is an important factor for a person to understand his own body and basic functional systems and vital organs. With a clear understanding of this, a person can consciously maintain health and regulate his condition in the early stages of disorders and malfunstions, as well as recognize the signs of such deviations. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) , which operates with fairly simple concepts that do not require extensive professional education, can come to the rescue and allow you to actively restore the disturbed harmony in the body using simple and affordable methods of self-regulation. Despite of its ancient origin, TCM quite accurately defines the syndromes and states of the body, simplifying their understanding, and making it possible to understand the processes leading to illness and health. Full mastery of TCM methods requires adequate education, and the presence of some knowledge and skills in assessing one's own health, and it does not cancel or replace modern medicine, yet is useful and effective means for restoring, maintaining and strengthening health.

The worldwide fascination with health practices also stimulates interest in health and the acquisition of health assessment methods. Correct diagnosis was considered half of the success in treating diseases. But the availability of effective methods of self-regulation may turn out to be the second half that is necessary for solving the problems of healing, longevity and rejuvenation of the body.

This course aims to introduce you to the basics of TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine). It was conceived primarily as a theoretical basis for those who use LT (Life Tracker) - a simple and effective health assessment system accessible to absolutely everyone who has a smartphone and an interest in this issue, but can also be useful to anyone interested in improving and maintaining one's health, longevity and active lifestyle.

Despite the complexity and variety of the most diverse functions and systems in the body, they all are manifestations of 5 natural Elements. These Elements are independent, constantly present factors in the flow of Life and are the content of the flow of Vital Energy - Qi. All long and short temporal processes are associated with these 5 Elements, figuratively named as Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water, which manifest themselves at all levels of being - from the grossest to the most subtle. Their interaction and relationships can be harmonious and balanced, or deviate from balance and equillibrium, which leads to trouble and disease. But their ratios and quantitative and qualitative expressions are universal, therefore, at any level of being, we can assume exactly how they will express themselves. For example, Wood Release corresponds to the Liver and the Gallbladder at the level of vital organs, tendons and ligaments at the level of tissues of the musculoskeletal system, emotions of anger at the level of feelings, windy weather at the level of climate, eyes, at the level of the senses, etc. All other Elements are considered similarly. Also, they are assigned certain seasons and other time cycles, directions of space, landscape, color, taste, smell, body constitution, temperament. At the same time, the Qi energy of each Element can be both in deficit and in excess, which entails the corresponding manifestations in all aspects of life mentioned above. Thus, the LT user gets the opportunity to see the ratio and state of the 5 Elements in half a minute of research by putting the pulse sensor on his finger and turning on the mobile application. But to understand what this means, you need to get acquainted with the theory of the 5 Elements and learn how to practically correlate with the readings of the device. But even without the device, you can gradually learn to recognize the signs of functional disorders at any level, by studying the system of knowledge associated with the 5 Elements. At the same time, the 5 Elements give a fairly complete picture of not only the physical, but also the mental state, as well as the presence of physical and energetic factors leading to or aggravating psycho-emotional disorders.

A person who has received information about the state of his own Chi of the 5 Elements has a colossal advantage over those who do not have access to such information. But he will inevitably ask the question - what to do with this now, how the disorders can be regulated, how to eliminate violations, how to make up for the deficiency and remove the excess. In this matter, Kiaido Academy offers a full range of various methods that relate to and address all of the 5 Elements, using natural means such as movement, breathing, sound and meditation. For this, a course of practice "Healing with the Forces of the 5 Elements" is also offered, where various methods are selected in order to address a specific problem with which a person is dealing. Here, too, LT users can monitor the effects of exercise, food, treatment, meditation, medication before and after, or even in real time. The Deformation Vectors (VD) showing the Qi deviations of each of the 5 Elements are not static, they are in constant motion. However, easily detectable deviation trends are formed, as well as sedentary VDs, which are factors that require attention and action. The methods of sounding the 5 Elements are especially fast-acting and effective, but the consolidation of the shifts and results may require certain movement and breathing practices.

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