Kiaido Terminology

Kiaido is the Path and the Way - “Do” of the sound - “Kiai”. Therefore, the names of many terms and programs carry not only a sense, but also a sound vibration, reflecting their essence. The origin of the terms may come from different languages, since different aspects of Kiaido can be found in different cultures. Today, many common terms are interpreted differently even within the same school. Many concepts do not have full compliance in other schools, styles, or cultures. Therefore, the Kiaido Terminology has its own concepts and terms that can be consonant with the names adopted in other schools, but to have a completely different meaning and make sense only within the framework of the programs of the Kiaido Academy. However, some of the terms coincide with those that are generally accepted in other schools that teach martial and healing arts.

  1. “Kiaido” is the Path and the Way of Evolution based on knowledge of movement, breath and sound, consisting in the development of consciousness, leading to the disclosure of personal potential, full self-expression and the achievement of the greatest satisfaction with life.
  2. “Kiaido” consists of two words: “Kiai” + “Do”.
  3. “Kiai” consists of two words: “Ki” + “Ai”.
  4. “Ki” - energy, vital energy, prana, qi, chi, ki. Breath.
  5. “Ai” - assembly, gathering, multiplication, carried out by consciousness. Focus, direction, control, balance, harmony, action, mind, creativity. Motion.
  6. “Ki” + “Ai” = “Kiai” - Strength, Will, Power. Sound.
  7. “Do” – Way, Path, Tao, Method, Knowledge, Wisdom, Spirit, Consciousness.
  8. “Kiai Bagua” = “Kiai” + “Bagua”. The method of self-development based on the application of the Trigrams - Bagua.
  9. “Bagua” = “Ba” + “Gua” - 8 Trigrams, 8 Heavenly Forces.
  10. "Ba" - the number 8, reflecting the number of variations of the infinity of phenomena.
  11. "Gua" - Trigram - a symbolic representation of any events and phenomena. Any phenomenon or event has a beginning, middle and end. Each of these stages can manifest itself binary - as “Yin” and “Yang”.
  12. "Yin" - the passive side, the feminine, reflects weakness, static, darkness, cold, etc.
  13. "Yang" - the active side, the masculine, reflects the strength, dynamism, light, heat, etc.
  14. “Kyai Qigong” = “Kiai” + “Qigong”. "Qigong" = "Qi" + "Gong" study and comprehension of energy through breathing.
  15. "Qi" is the equivalent of "Ki." It is energy, life force, breath.
  16. “Gong” is work, movement, process, research.
  17. “Kiai Taiji” = “Kiai” + “Taiji” is the practice of mastering the internal and external space in order to master the control of the body and comprehend the laws of being. The basis for the highest form "Kiai Budo"
  18. "Taiji" is the equivalent of "Taichi" (as in Taichi Quan). "Taiji" = "Tai" + "Ji". It means Great Perfection, Beyond, beyond the limits of limitations, Primordial state.
  19. "Tai" means Great, Primordial, Beyond.
  20. “Ji” means a limit, a phenomenon, a state.
  21. “Kiai Shengong” = “Kiai” + “Shengong” - the evolution of consciousness.
  22. "Shengong" = "Shen" + "Gong" - work and the study of consciousness, personal mythology.
  23. “Shen” - spirit, consciousness, psyche. "Gong" - as in "Qigong."
  24. “Kiai Neigong” = “Kiai” + “Neigong”, the study and comprehension of the inner essence through movements.
  25. “Neigong” = “Nei” + “Gong” - inner alchemy, the combination of matter and spirit.
  26. "Nei" - internal, secret, hidden, deep. "Gong" - as in "Qigong."
  27. “Kiai Weigong” = “Kiai” + “Weigong” – Kiaido Warmup and methods of movement.
  28. "Weigong" = "Wei" + "Gong" - mastering external movements that affect the internal state.
  29. "Wei" - external, manifest, visible. "Gong" - as in "Qigong."
  30. “Kiai Jindo” = “Kiai” + “Jindo” - The Way of the Healer of Sound.
  31. "Jindo" = "Jin" + "Do" - the Way of the Healer.
  32. "Jin" - Healing, healing, treatment. “Do” - the Way as in “Kiaido”.
  33. “Kiai Budo” = “Kiai” + “Budo” - the Way of the Warrior of Sound.
  34. “Budo” = “Bu” + “Do” - the Way of the Warrior.
  35. "Bu" - Warrior, defender. “Do” - the Way as in “Kaiado”.
  36. “Kiai Jitsu” = “Kiai” + “Jitsu” - Art of Sound.
  37. "Jitsu" - art, skill.
  38. "Kihon Jitsu" - Art of Basics.
  39. "Kihon" - Basic techniques and basic principles. In martial arts includes the Central Line, equilibrium, balance, coordination.
  40. "Kata Jitsu" - the art of performing martial dance.
  41. “Kata” is a complex of movements coding a system of actions to achieve certain results, modeling various situations and offering options for solutions. Includes methods for the development and control of power.
  42. "Kiai Bunkai Jitsu" is the strategic art of Kiai Budo.
  43. “Bunkai” is the principles of applying technical actions in accordance with the strategic objective: avoiding or deterring a battle, turning an opponent into a supporter, pacifying, controlling or destroying an aggressor. In accordance with this, the use of Kata changes.
  44. "Kiai Kyusho Jitsu" is the art of tactics in Kiai Budo, which includes the regrouping of forces to create a preponderance of forces in certain, usually vulnerable, places of the enemy defense lines.
  45. "Kyusho" - the impact on vulnerable areas or points of the body, taking into account the location, angle of attack, direction and sequence of exposure.
  46. ​​"Kiai Kime Jitsu" = "Kime" + "Jitsu" - the art of the application of force in Kiai Budo.
  47. "Kime" = "Ki" + "Me" - focusing energy and the application of force.
  48. "Me" = "Shili" + "Fali" + "Fajin" - Three Empty Forces – Kiai on corporal level.
  49. "Shili" - Diagonal Force - a balanced movement of force – through the flow of force and grounding. Static in motion, dynamic pillars.
  50. "Fali" - Vertical Force of acceleration and multiplication of power through steps.
  51. "Fajin" - Horizontal Force from the swing of the waist in time with the steps and the performance of technology, contributing to the explosive release of energy.
  52. “Kiai Zhanzhuang” = “Kiai” + “Zhanzhuang” - the practice of the stillness in Kiaido.
  53. "ZhanZhuang" = "Zhan" + "Zhuang" - the practice of standing like a pole or pillar.
  54. "Zhan" - stand still.
  55. "Zhuang" - the base, pole, pillar.
  56. “Kiai Kokyu” = “Kiai” + “Kokyu” - the practice of breathing Kiaido.
  57. "Kokyu" - breathing, integrated into the movement.
  58. "Kiai Shiatsu" = "Kiai" + "Shiatsu" - Kiai Jindo's acupressure.
  59. "Shiatsu" = "Shi" + "Atsu" - acupressure massage.
  60. "Shi" - finger.
  61. "Atsu" - pressure.
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