Kiaido Symbols

1763860294?profile=RESIZE_710xKiaido has symbols in form of patch, uniform and belts.

Patch has a field of red color, which signifies energy, power and activity.  On top of the patch there is a sign of infinity, which represent main movement pattern and principle of continuous and cyclic movement.  On bottom - stitched title of organization, which unites all people, who are interested of involved in study and practice of Kiaido  "Kiaido Worldwide".

In the center - there is a triad made with three spiral like wirlwinds made with three colors.  These colors represent cosmology, evolution, dimension of being and actions.  There are many different meanings of this triad, to mention just a few.

Word of Kiaido consist of three parts: "Ki" - energy - Red color; "Ai" - to gather, conscious control, to guide - Blue color; "Do" - Way, evolution, integration - Yellow color.

On the level of cosmology: Yellow - Earth (matter), Red - Human (soul), Blue - Heaven (Spirit). 

On the level of human existence: Yellow color stands for Body, Red - Energy, Blue - Mind.

On the level of consciousness: Yellow - Physical consciousness, Red - Emotional consciousness, Blue - Mental consciousness.

 On the level of action: Yellow color corresponds to the Movement, Blue - to the Breathing, Red - to the Sound.

Around Triad there is a white field with eight trigrams - Bagua.  These trigrams represent all forces of the Universe, all states of mind, all variations of energy and events, all positions of body and dynamics of constant changes.  In Kiai Bagua there positions of Trigrams, in Kiai Taichi - there are movements of hands, related to Trigrams, in Kiai Kokiu - there are breathing patterns corresponding to Trigrams.

 Black color of the Kiaido uniform signifies very deep and dark blue color - like a night sky - which represents Mind.  Red stripes (5 centimeters wide) on sleeves and pants represents energy flow and will.  Sleeves are cut 5 centimeters below the elbow.

Kiaido Black Belt is manufactured with three pannels, because it has edges with different colors.  Black Belts (1, 2 ,3 Dan) are made with black color and red edges.  Master Belts (4, 5, 6 Dan) are made with red color and black edges.  Grand Master (7, 8, 9 Dan) are made with red color and golden edges.  Soke Belt (10 Dan) are made with golden color and red edges.  This signifies, that we start with development of knowledge through the Mind, then acquire power through the Energy and at last integrate all on the level of mabifestation through the Body, producing qualities as precious as gold.  Right side of the belt has stitched "Kiaido: in kanji, left side - name of the belt owner.  All belts are master pieces made with best quality available.

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