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3786494758?profile=RESIZE_710xKiaido is relatively new. This is a school and style founded by Grand Master Song Park. Since Kiaido was taught in at least 15 countries and there are people interested in Kiaido around the World, this necessitated the creation of the informal organization Kiaido Worldwide, which unites everyone who is interested in Kiaido, who studies and practices Kiaido programs.

In order to streamline the spontaneous formation of Kiaido Worldwide, it was decided to introduce formal membership. There are two suggestions: to become a member of the organization for 5 years, or lifelong participation. A Kiaido passport is issued to a member of the organization, which indicates how long for it is issued. All full members of Kiaido Worldwide can be mentioned on at will. 

To enter, you must submit a written application by e-mail and pay for the chosen option of membership: 5 years - 50 Euro, unlimited - 108 Euro. You should also pay for the shipment of your passport. The condition for admission to the organization is the adoption of the Kiaido Code of Ethiques  and interest in the Kiaido Academy programs. The Code of Ethiques is also given in the Kiaido passport.

In addition, for participants in the Kiaido programs in the passport there is a record of progress and the level of achievement for the following programs: Kiai Budo, Kiai Budo with weapons, Kiai Bagua, Kiai Taichi, Kiai Jindo, Kiai Jitsu, Kiai Shiatsu, Kiai Weigong, Kiai Neigong, Kai Qigong , Kiai Shengong. There are also fields for marking participation in seminars and master classes. A passport is required for all instructors, masters and representatives of Kiaido Academy and for graduation.

Kiaido Code of Ethiques.

3786541788?profile=RESIZE_180x180Ki - Universal Energy, Chi, Ki, Prana, Vital Force, Power, Will, Energy.

Ai - Gather, Focus, Direct, Govern, Balance, Harmonize, Action, Mind.

Do - Way, Path, Dao, Method, Knowledge, Wisdom, Spirit.


6 Goals of Kiai Do


First of all one should be free and independent. This is a fundamental requirement for spirit to be. Freedom is not chaos or anarchy. It is a freedom of free conscious choices of action that we make and position that we take in every instance of our life.


Live in attunement with nature, environment and society. Leave conflicts and be in a state of agreement and harmony


Inner growth and personal evolution are necessitates the knowledge.  Ignorance is a main obstacle to full and wholesome life. There for essential knowledge and ability to learn are our main treasures.


Kiai Do practitioners are strong, active and capable people. The power is an important part of being efficient in our material world. There for a power, while not being a priority, is something that is useful and encouraged to be developed.


Health is a necessity and a foundation for all our activities. There for Jindo - healing side of the art - is an essential part of Kiai Do training.


Kiai Do is a practical art and a way. Everything should be concrete and be realized, not remaining only as a fantasy or theory. Kiai Do practitioner is inspired to achieve mastery in every aspect of life.


5 Points of Kiai Do

 Empty Mind.

This is the most important, most essential, most fundamental point.  This means that we cultivate inner piece, calm and stability of the undisturbed mind.  Nothing can move it, nothing can imbalance it.  This is also ability to empty thoughts, dissolve them.

 Be Aware.

This means that we should always be aware of ourselves, of others and of environment and circumstances.

 Be Tough.

If we are on the path of self-development and of studying the natural ways of energy, we have to be able to withstand difficulties, endure pain and stress and never give up the progress and growth.

 Be Skillful.

Acquiring many useful skills, as well as learning how to be efficient, relaxed and master everything we do.

 Respect All Beings.

This is the way of relating to the world.  Respect all living beings, not only human, but also animals, plants and all natural objects.  Also it means that we should respect all other ways and views, not considering own self to be superior to those who we think has lacked knowledge or practice in a different ways.  Every body has there own causes and reasons.  Without judging, comparing and, in particular, offending other points of views or methods we calmly focused on perfecting our own ways.


8 Rules of Kiai Do Black Belt

 Be an Example

Kiai Do Black Belt should be an example of modesty, open mindedness, and embodiment of Kiai Do Principles.

 Walk Your Talk

Kiai Do Black Belt should be able to practically do everything he says he is. Be aware about your speech and  responsible for what you are saying.  Kiai Do Back Belt should make sure that he acquired practical knowledge of the art, not only intellectual understanding.

 Never Stop Learning

Kiai Do Black Belt should never stop learning, as life is short and knowledge is waste. Never get satisfied with the level of knowledge you have acquired, always further it.

 Master Your Intention

Kiai Do Black Belt should learn how to make wishes come true and goals to be achieved.  Be aware of your intentions and correct them when needed. Make sure to realize your intentions.

 Cultivate Patience and Discipline

Kiai Do Black Belt must continuously cultivate virtues of patience and discipline.

Without patience there is no growth, without discipline there is no refinement.

 Promote Friendship and Goodness

Kiai Do Black Belt should always promote friendship and goodness.  Kiai Do Black Belt does not initiate or support fights, arguments, insults or conflicts. First of all one should be a good person, good fighting skills are secondary.

 Treat Your Students with Love and Respect

Always treat your students with love and respect.  Never consider superiority of skills to be an excuse to be arrogant and disrespectful.  There is no place for hatred and abuse in Kiai Do Dojo.

 Support and Serve Your Parents and Your Country

Your parents and your country provided you with body and environment to grow and live. Support and service of parents and country are sources of wellness, stability and prosperity.


5 Rules of Kiaido Master

 Perfect Your Skills

Make perfect everything you do. Make every technique an example of true artisanship.

 Win Without Fight

Always find the ways to win the fight without fighting. Cultivate peaceful mind and noble heart. Let harmony win!

 Master Your Life

Integrate Kiai Do into your daily life. Apply principles of Kiai Do to master life itself.

 Lead with Your Heart

Kiai Do Master is a natural leader. 

Lead with your heart!

 Keep Your Knowledge in Secret

Kiai Do Master should never brag or even show his skills publically. Secret adds power to the knowledge.


3 Rules of Kiaido Grand Master

Great Skill Looks Like no Skill

Be free from any preset skills. Be spontaneous and creative. See beyond forms. Greatness of simplicity, depth of harmony and power of wholeness.

 Live Beyond Limitations

See reality as it is and live beyond artificial limitations. Natural freedom of body, energy, mind and spirit. Awakened awareness as a main guiding principle in life and action.

 Dedicate Your Life to The WAY

Kiai Do is a natural and harmonious way of living and being.  Kiai Do Grand Master embodies is it and responsibly dedicates own life to give this art and way for the benefits of all sentient beings.


Kiaido 6 Powers.

Kiaido is the way of totally expressing ourselves through the natural ways of energy guided by awaken mind.  The Kiai is a sound of breath empowered and governed by mind-spirit.  It is the Way of Warrior-Healer to protect and heal both - our selves and everything we believe in. 

It is necessary to be skillful and knowledgeable in order to be a Warrior-Healer.  However, both martial and healing powers depend not only on techniques and understanding.  It originates in our awaken mind and empowered by 6 powers which are indispensable in both – self growth and when we are helping or protecting others.  Mind-spirit is our main source of both martial and healing power and confidence and ability to use it. 

Even if we have necessity – it is not easy to overcome some challenges we encounters in our lives, whether it is illness, fight, emotional distress, difficulties in relationship or career.  We must have sufficient will power to carry on. 

Even if we have will power, if we don’t know what is taking place and how to deal with it, our efforts can be futile, so power of knowledge is necessary. 

Even if we have both – knowledge and will – in order to succeed we need power of action, to be able to complete our tasks. 

If we engaged into action having knowledge and will but can’t enjoy, then instead of seeing every situation as an opportunity to grow and live life ever more fully, we can be burden by it and life becomes just a hardship of efforts filled with anxiety of waiting to get over the problem. 

If we are not aware of our own condition and do not awake to the life and our own destiny, then we never get even to the point of recognizing our own powers, or even our own problems and blocks.  So, power of consciousness is most important of all.

Kiaido leads to awake and cultivate our 5 inherent powers.


To fully awake to life and death, to existence, to infinite manifestation of external dimension as Universe and internal dimension of mind, power of consciousness is the most important of all qualities that one can acquire.

Life or death, subject and object - all are governed by consciousness and illuminated by it. 

Wake up!


Power of joy is result of becoming aware of the power of consciousness.  Enjoyment of learning and practicing natural ways of energy and self-discovery of own mind is one of the most potent powers.

The key to success, the key to happiness and the key to bliss is a joy.  Learn to enjoy everything you life brings you and look at death as another joyful experience.  Do what you are enjoy doing, be the way you are enjoy to be, enjoy bringing  joy to all around you. 



Nothing can be accomplished without will of doing it and carrying through.  To learn new things and acquire mastery in all different fields, and to endure both – difficulties of the path and hardship of life that one might face the will is the most necessary power, that one should have.

Will is a fuel that drives your intention.  It is energy that enables your ideas to manifest.  When we tense – our personal will carries out our ego’s desires.

When we relaxed – Universe carries out it divine actions.

Be willing.  And everything will happen.

When there is a will – there is a way!I!


Knowledge is one of most valuable treasures that make one’s wealth.  To be able to learn, understand and gain real wisdom this power must continuously grow.

Know what, how and why you do what you do.

Know who, where and when to teach it to others.

Know who you are!


To bring to fruition our intentions and achieve our goals we have to have power of action. 

Enable yourself to do what you want to do, what you destined to do.

Walk your talk!


To achieve result and reach perfection we have to have power of perfection. 

Be able to finish all your tasks.  Accomplish great deeds! 

Strive for perfection!

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