8 Foundations have various aspects of practice. This applies to the features of the movement, ways of breathing and sound methods. There are also levels practice: for restoring health and weakness, there is a sitting option - 8 Foundations on chair. To maintain health - the Basic Form in standing position. To promote health, longevity, diaphragm control skills and more effective breathing - Medium Form of 8 Foundations. For the most complete work with the body and rejuvenation of the body, there is the Highest Form of 8 Foundations. All these forms can be studied remotely - there is a course in which all levels of practice and the theory of each Basics are presented.

There is another important aspect of practice - time. 8 Foundations - is a holistic set of exercises that allows you to use all joints and body parts, carrying out movement in 6 cardinal directions of space. Given that there are only 8 groups of exercises, then even with one repetition, this can take considerable time. Three repetitions in the Highest Form of performance take at least 2 hours. This is not possible for every person - both in terms of time, and in terms of the quantity and quality of the load. In addition, a different number of repetitions gives different results. For example, 1 repetition is sufficient for physical gymnastics and maintaining shape and health. 3 Repetition - for the full impact on the physical, emotional and mental consciousness and the corresponding energies and states. 5 repetitions - to work with all Five Elements and body envelopes, their purification, reinforcement and harmonization. 7 repetitions - to go beyond our own limitations and evolutionary progress. For those who have fully mastered the practice, one repetition is enough, but this requires a serious immersion and a sufficient number of repetitions of each exercise - 10 000, or better, 100 000, which is not possible to most practitioners.


In order to make possible the effect of 3, 5 or 7 repetitions, you can distribute the 8 Foundations by days of the week. For example, You can combine 1-st Foundation with each next Foundation. Thus, in a week you can cover all 8 Foundations. Another way, if it is not possible to practice all the days of the week, like only five days - on weekdays - is to combine the Foundations as follows. Monday - 1 Foundation (9 repetitions), Tuesday 1 Foundation (1 repetition) and 2 Foundation (7), Wednesday - 1 (1), 3 (5) and 4 (5) Foundations, Thursday - 1 (1), 5 ( 5) and 6 (5) Foundations, Friday - 1 (1), 7 (5) and 8 (5) Foundations. In this case, the effect of the exercises may turn out to be deeper than with a single repetition or even triple.

Practice requires a creative approach, taking into account the realities of life, especially your own psyche. It is necessary to work out or find your best option, and better a few different ways.

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