Martial arts are some of the most ancient, since the very first task that a person must solve is security.

From the very beginning of its evolution, man had to continue to stack with three enemies capable of destroying him: natural elements, animals (and sometimes plants) and, sadly, people. And if a man confronted the elements and animals primarily collectively, collaborating with other people, then the conflict and aggression on the part of people often had to be reflected individually. Therefore, martial arts affect both methods of collective defense, and methods of individual self-defense.

Methods of collective defense against attacks by other countries require a professional approach and are today the lot of the state, while methods of individual self-defense are everyone’s business. Of course, we do not live today in places of obvious danger, but such can still arise and it is better to be prepared to protect our life, health or freedom.

We cannot rely only on our strength and health, because they are not constant. In addition, it is difficult to expect nobility from the aggressor or rapist that they will not attack the weak, sick, feeble and old. Therefore, if a person masters the true knowledge of the art of self-defense, then this can serve as a guarantor of the preservation of life, health and freedom both for himself and for others - close or distant, who may need protection.

Self-defense methods are not limited to mastering hand-to-hand or armed combat. These include awareness, attentiveness, language proficiency, and the ability to use the terrain or situation. However, there are situations when the only alternative is fight and combat. And if it comes to this, it is better to be prepared to withstand any superior enemy forces.

For the Warrior, the protection of life, health and freedom always was, remains and will remain relevant. This does not mean that the warrior is warlike and loves fights and battles, that he constantly expects an attack and lives in tension. Quite the contrary - the Warrior is calm, attentive, relaxed and peaceful. But - always ready. This willingness is primarily spiritual - a willingness to face danger, a willingness to endure difficulties or pain, a willingness to overcome obstacles, a willingness to defend and protect those who need protection, even at the cost of his own life.

A warrior does not seek self-affirmation - he knows himself too well, he has nothing to prove to anyone. The warrior does not strive for battle - he knows too well the price of victory. A warrior does not seek power - he knows too well about responsibility. A warrior does not seek to hurt, destroy or eliminate - he values ​​life too much. A warrior does not strive for superiority - he knows too well about the relativity and temporality of any advantage. A warrior does not bring hatred, revenge, or contempt in his heart - he knows too well about the darkness that they carry in themselves. A warrior is full of peace, love and clarity.

The warrior knows the relativity of physical strength and therefore does not seek to be stronger than everyone. The main strength of a warrior is his Will and Knowledge. The knowledge accumulated by generations of masters, creators, seekers, who have explored the possibilities of the human body and mind, have discovered and continue to discover the colossal potential that every person is endowed with in terms of power management.

This power is beyond size, level of health, age and physical strength. This is the Power of Knowledge, which has become the Will of the Warrior. The Will of the Warrior is the Knowledge of his Consciousness and the Knowledge of the Forces of Nature, transformed into practical skills and abilities to apply this Knowledge. But this Knowledge has always been intended only for those who deserve it - those who will never serve the Evil and harm others, those who do not seek power, those who use it for the benefit of all.

The knowledge of the Warrior does not boil down to techniques and actions. First of all, this is the Knowledge of the Laws of Nature and their skillful application for controlling the Force. Today, when the destructive Power that this Knowledge is capable of manifesting does not find external application due to the achievement of relative peace and order, the creative Power contained in this Knowledge is capable of transforming a person, giving the opportunity to develop consciousness and uncover the hidden potential inherent in it.

My Path of Sound Warrior has been going on for over 45 years. It was an incredibly interesting, albeit rather difficult, way to search, research, learn, trial and error, illusions and fantasies, discoveries and disappointments. After these years, which are only a moment in the face of eternity and on the scale of even human history, I am glad to realize that the path was bright, productive and fruitful.

I managed to find the sources of knowledge, learn how to apply it, meet incredible people, see a lot of things that seem to the ignorant not only incredible, but also completely impossible. The World of Martial Arts is rather secretive and mysterious, even today, in the era of information technology, accessibility and openness, a lot as far as I see remains not only not accessible, but also unknown.

Knowledge is Power, which inevitably leads to the struggle for domination. Power is not only physical, but also power over minds. For a long time, I have already encountered ignorance in the world of martial arts and have long given up attempts to convince anyone in what I know. The more I learned, the more I saw the infinity of knowledge and the limitations of my own achievements and insights. Therefore, I was always sincerely surprised when I saw those, who were convinced of the absoluteness, completeness and finelity of their knowledge, especially when instead of clear arguments it was suggested that they simply join the battle to clarify or prove the superiority of methods, concepts or standards.

Personally, I always prefer to understand and verify everything that interests me in experience. But I also know how great the distance between illusions and real knowledge, and how big the gap between Knowledge and its application in battle. Therefore, what I pass on as Kiai Budo methods, I propose, as the best hypothesis, which must be personally verified in order to verify its correctness, but not as a dogma.

Over the years, I have tested all my hypotheses and therefore I don’t need to prove them to anyone. And having the opportunity to travel and teach in many countries of the world and personally interact with many real masters and grand masters, as well as the founders of schools and styles, I became convinced of how limited knowledge is even among many experts and adepts of martial arts, and how wide the range of my knowledge, how unique many methods are and how much they are able to enrich the consciousness and art of those who really sincerely and faithfully practice martial arts, seeks and strives for knowledge.

I decided to start a series of articles on the mysteries of the Way of the Warrior of Sound, where I generalized and systematized my knowledge, which allowed me to become stronger, faster, calmer, wiser, and more effective in life and in the realm of martial arts.

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